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Welcome, Ryan.

DSC05867 (1)

We’ve been hibernating for sometime this year. After spending the bulk of last year frivolously playing week to week we wanted to have some downtime to sit back, rework and write new material.

We also wanted to take some time in introducing Ryan into the fold as our new keys player! We are incredibly excited to have him onboard and officially welcomed Ryan with our first group show that opened the expansion of The City Sounds into Southbank with the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk. Chloe gave a speech, and we covered MX- did you see us!?

There are a few sneaky bits on the way. Lots of new music, which means new recordings to be released at some point!

We are so happy you are here. Keep dreaming, dreamers.


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New Year, New Things


Merry belated Chrismukkah, happy new year and holy goodness it’s 2015!! If you don’t follow us on that wide social network that is Facebook you might be feeling a little lonely of late. We had been incredibly busy wrapping up the latter part of last year through market appearances and cosy little shows along the way, but now, it’s time to get serious.

Some of you may have heard that we are busy weaving our crafty fingers to create some pretty lullabies for child and adult alike. These things are inevitably true and we hope to have a release for you shortly (if our perfectionists will let us hit that *Publish* button!). Both Geoff and I have had our bouts of tropical holiday’s in the past few months and spent time writing and rewriting new tracks for the new year. As creatives, we believe that travel is integral to enlighten those wayward thoughts into some kind of beautiful stillness in image or sound.

We will be doing a few shows this month- be sure to check out the sidebar and say hello if you’re in town.

For fans and friends both old and new, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the generous support you have given us over the past year. We look forward to new adventures this year will bring and who might join us along the way (hint, hint… maybe!).

Your Always,

Chloe and Geoffrey

AKA. The Winter of Reason xx


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Holy October!

WOW! It has been quite an adventure filled few months! After celebrating with Troy Cassar-Daley at Unwind we ran up the coast to the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, down a little to Noosa Jazz Festival and kept moving south to the Grand View Hotels Spring Festival!

We have reached some major milestones along the way- one in particular we just cannot be thankful enough for. We spend a lot of time working with Pacific International Music on our debut EP. With it hot in our hands this year we have gone from strength to strength and are proud to have settled our debts- at last, we will no longer fear the removal of our couches, bicycles and animals by faceless men who creep in and remark snidely… “you’ve been served!”.

We wanted to share some worthy campaigns floating around lately. First and foremost fRETfEST are hosting a pozible campaign to help fund their music prowess. The wonderful Al Buchan was a true supporter and helped ground us as emerging artists in our first year of gigging. With the help of his beautiful partner Mel, they are truly magic.

Please check out their campaign here : http://www.pozible.com/project/186530

Secondly, 2High. These guys work endlessly hard to pull together a slew of premier artists for their FREE festival! They support the works of independent theatre makers, musicians, circus performers and just down right amazing people who have the potential to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Their Pozible campaign is to help give back to these artists- so what they get, is what goes out. We believe that everyone should be able to buy a milkshake after a gruelling set- so get onboard here : http://www.pozible.com/project/186876

Make this month a Pozible one.

We’ll see you at all our shows listed on the side of this here page.

xo TWOR out.unwind

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The Month of May

A few things we’re excited about this Month!

  • Supporting Troy Cassar-Daly at “Unwind in the Vines” (get all the nitty gritty details here- http://oceanviewestates.com.au/unwind/details/ )
  • Being apart of the inaugural Buskers By the Creek Festival ( https://www.facebook.com/buskersbythecreek )
  • Finding our place at Winter UBERfest Brisbane ( https://www.facebook.com/uberfestival?fref=ts )
  • And making more video clips so make sure you jump on and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/WinterofReason

We’ll be taking a brief siesta for now as Chloe takes a little trip down travel lane. We’re looking at bring our shows to YOU so if you have a venue (be it your best friend’s Aunt’s Grandad’s house, your favorite market, bar or cafe!) let us know and we’ll do our best to meet you there!

Keep up with all our activities over Facebook and generally, stay awesome… Like this song from the new Lego Movie…


performing2 (Large)

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Beasts- Official Music Video

We are so excited to release the official music video for Beasts from our Monsters EP! A lot of things are in the pipeline for TWOR in these next coming months so keep in touch by joining our mailing list and subscribing to our YouTube channel!


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February News

Our latest collection of work has been released and we are looking forward to moving into the year headstrong with some great shows along the way! If you don’t have your copy of our recently released EP you can find it all on the banner above or contact us directly. In the next coming months we will be doing a behind the scenes look at our tracks, the hidden stories behind them and what it was like to write and record with our dearest friend, and wonderful producer Robert Mackay of Pacific International Music. If you want to get the low-down be sure to sign onto our mailing list- aside from keeping in touch we will also send you a FREE track not released or to be found anywhere else!

In other news Chloe had a chat with 4zzz Folk Buddies on Sunday, about our latest release and the songs within them. If you missed it, you can find it all here:

We also had our first online review published by AAA Backstage (http://www.aaabackstage.com/reviews/5267-ep-review-the-winter-of-reason-s-monsters.html). A rather lengthy in depth look at each individual track on the ‘Monsters’ EP.

We’ll be doing our first expose on the track ‘Beasts’ this March so sign-up as soon as possible to avoid missing out!


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The EP’s Have Arrived!!

photo (3)

We have finally gotten our hands on our long awaited EP’s! We are so, so excited we could just die. It has been a crazy time leading up to this, but we are so proud of every effort that has gone into it and cannot wait to share it with you. If you are in the Brisbane area, please stalk us at a gig next time and say hello, and if you live out of the area, you can send us an email through the ‘Contact Us’ link, we are more than happy to post them out. Our CD’s will be on sale for $15, but, if they’re not your thing, we have handy business card sized digital download cards that you can just slip into your wallets and run away into the night with for only $10.

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into these little musings and hope you love them as much as we do.



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The End of an Era.

Fools rejoice in the sounds of a new dawn.

2013 Has been a hectic year for us, frenzied with highlights and set backs that have had us re-evaluating our music, substance and capabilities. We have met some beautiful souls who have endeavored to grab our feet and place them firmly on dry land, teaching us to walk what feels like a never ending mountain with the weight of one thousand men attached. If we have learnt one thing, is that the view is worth the journey, and to us that really just means if we can hold one singular gaze in a crowded room and make them get a little lost, the journey is won.

So we would just like to thank EVERYONE who made this year, our friends, family, bookers, fans and little ears that have pricked up and smiled a little along the way and that must include YOU, as you wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t joined us in some way or the other. We are very much looking forward to climbing up that hill, with grazed knees and sore feet, and fighting beasts and taming monsters in the scary depths of a suburban room or the glaring grey walls of the city.

We truly cannot thank you enough for your support.

Merry Christmas.

Chloe and Geoffrey.
The Winter of Reason.

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Supporting the Support!

ALHAMBRA LOUNGE-2We’re incredibly excited to be supporting Tom Kline tonight! Time to sway and gather those collective bones into a giant hug of mellow wonder. See you all there, very, very soon! xo

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Stuck in Sunlit Haze

It’s been a strange year for TWOR, a year of growth and learning with a slick curve ball. Right now a gorgeous summer storm is blazing out my window- lightning is illuminating the sky and I sit warm with a cup of tea and my notebook full of unfinished songs. THIS is one of my favorite things; where ghouls and giants take over my mind and the sound of rain belting down on hard tin roofs scratches every nerve and fiber of my body. It is a time when I feel most inspired to write and observe letting the wind blow through my window the effortless whispers of a lovers feud and fire. Needless to say- BRING ON THE RAIN! But, not for too long, alas the sun is dearly missed when departed for days at a time. I hope all is well in your world’s for now. We are looking forward to supporting a wonderful musician by the name of Tom Kline next month at Alhambra lounge (https://www.facebook.com/events/531184653616634/) and falling victim to the sunlight and stray crowds through Southbank and Queen Street Malls. Big things are happening. Growing from tiny, tiny seedlings just waiting to hatch!

See you all so, so soon.